Year Faculty Details
2017 Neeraj Kumbhakarna Research on study of cage-hydrocarbons as potential propellants was featured on the font page of the February of the New journal of Chemistry: Mallick L., Lal S., Reshmi S., Namboothiri I. N. N., Chowdhury A., and Kumbhakarna N. R., “Theoretical studies on the propulsive and explosive performance of strained polycyclic cage compound”, New Journal of Chemistry, 41(3), 2017, 920-930.
2015 Arindrajit Chowdhury INAE Young Engineer award
2012 Arindrajit Chowdhury INSA INSPIRE Faculty award
2012 Milind V. Rane Best Teacher Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Education in the Field of Engineering from Higher Education Forum
2009 Milind V. Rane Nina Saxena Excellence Award in Technology Award 2009 for Development of Vented-Double-Wall Tube-Tube Heat Exchanger, TT_HE, and Deploying Them for Various Applications to Conserve Energy, on the Foundation Day Ceremony of IIT Kharagpur
2008 S. S. Joshi Dr. P.K. Patwardhan Technology Development Award of IIT Bombay for 'Development of Tool-based Micromachining for Development of micro components'
2008 S. S. Joshi Best Faculty Award, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay
2008 Milind V. Rane Bry-Air Awards for Excellence in HVAC&R 2007-2008 at ACREX 2008 Second in the Product Design Category for Multi-Utility Heat Pumps
2006 Milind V. Rane Dr P K Patwardhan “Technology Development Award” conferred in recognition of the Innovative R&D Work in the development of “Matrix Heat Recovery Units” by IIT Bombay
2006 Milind V. Rane Bry-Air Awards for Excellence in HVAC&R 2005-2006 at Comfex 2006 Third in the Product Design Category for Super Heat Recovery Water Heaters (SHR_WH)
2005 Milind V. Rane VASVIK Award 2005 for the Contributions by Way of Research in Mechanical and Structural Sciences & Technology, based on the Matrix Heat Recovery Units (M_HRU) and the Tube-Tube Heat Exchangers (TT_HE) Developments and Beneficial Deployments
2004 Milind V. Rane Eureka 2004 First Prize in Business Plan Competition for Super Heat Recovery Water Heater (SHR_WH)
2004 Milind V. Rane Most Innovative Product Award at ACREX 2004 an International Exhibition jointly organized by ISHRAE and ASHRAE for Hybrid Air-Conditioning System (H_ACS)
2004 Milind V. Rane Invention of Matrix Heat Recovery Unit (M_HRU) has been recognised by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) by including it as a Case Study on Commercialisation of Technology in the WIPO News Letter and Website
2004 Milind V. Rane Member of the Indian Scientific Delegation to Belarus which was constituted to identify possible technology tie-ups between India and Belarus
2002 S. S. Joshi BOYS CAST Fellowship by Department of Science and Techno., Govt. of India
1988 Milind V. Rane ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid recipient
1988 Milind V. Rane ASHRAE Scholarship