Number of Faculty

Our faculty are engaged in teaching and research in the areas of Biomechanics, Computational Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Systems, Mechanics of Materials, Micro- and Nanomechanics and Thermal Sciences and Energy Conversion.


Total number of students

The total number of students thats currently studies in the department.


Number of Undergraduates

Our undergraduate program has a strong flavor on design and hands-on experience. The program includes a deeper study of a number of engineering sciences to which students are introduced at the core curriculum level, theoretical and experimental solution of physical problems, and design of systems relevant to the contemporary industries.


Number of M. Tech. Students

The M. Tech. program in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay offers a multi-disciplinary approach to research and learning that strikes a unique balance of trend-setting research, challenging coursework and real-world impact that is highly respected around the world.


Number of PhD Students

Doctoral students in our department work in close relation to our faculty in the pursuit of timely, relevant research in all areas of mechanical engineering. We are at the forefront in preparing students by providing research opportunities in emerging and interdisciplinary areas that are fueling exciting advances in technology.


Number of Visiting Students



The size of our faculty allows for working with students on a one-on-one basis. Students are not just a face in the crowd, and get to know their professors well by the time they graduate, allowing for better advising, learning and collaboration.


Number of Labs

Centers and Laboratories affiliated with the ME departments span across all departments at IIT Bombay and foster collaborations across different departments throughout the university.


Number of Courses

Our faculty members develop new courses based on their research. The faculty also have the freedom to modify existing courses to include content related to their research. The faculty benefit from the dedicated PhD students of IITB, who is a key to the success of research at IITBombay. At IIT Bombay, young faculty can start teaching early in their career, and this enhances their ability to do challenging research.


Number of Lab Courses


Number of Patents


Number of Publications (Over Past 5 years)

Our faculties and research scholars publish in reputed peer-reviewed national and international journals. The journal articles have co-authors within and outside department, and also within and outside India.


Number of Online Courses


Number of books

Our faculties regularly publish books and monographs, and actively participate in other scholarly activities such as development of online courses.


Number of Research Projects


Number of Funded RnD Projects