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Prof. S. V. Prabhu

Designation: Professor
Education: B.E. (Mechanical), University of Mysore, 1988
M.Tech (Heat Power Engineering), N.I.T., Surathkal, 1991
Ph.D, I.I.T., Bombay, 1997
Group: Thermal and Fluid Engineering
Areas of Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Flowmetering, Hydrokinetic turbines and wind turbines, Impinging jets (subsonic and supersonic), Premixed flame jets, Internal cooling passages, Two phase flow and heat transfer, Fire dynamics, Melting and solidification, Spray condendation,
Building: ME Department
Room No.: 308D
Phone No.: (+91)-22-25767515
Fax No.: (+91)-22-25726875
Email: svprabhu[AT]
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