Give Back

You can give back to your department. One way to contribute is by sharing your knowledge/expertise from the industry or academia, with the current students and even faculties!! Please come on a visit to your very own department.

Our illustrious alumni have made a huge contribution to the development and sustenance of the department and have contributed to its becoming a leading Mechanical Engineering department in India. Your valuable contribution is regarded as a great treasure and asset to the department. For making a donation, kindly contact the department.

You can also support IIT Bombay by funding research, hosting faculty awards and faculty chairs, student awards and fellowships. You may choose one of the following priority areas of giving to IIT Bombay to enable the Institute to pursue its goal of maintaining high standards in Teaching and Research.

Institute Development Fund

The impact of donations on the growth of the Institute is remarkable. IIT Bombay aims to accelerate the pace of its approach towards its "Tryst with Excellence" and asks for your continued support. Utilization of funds from "Institute Development Fund" is overseen by the Director for areas of "greatest need". Your contribution to the modernization and establishment of new academic, research and campus infrastructure shall be appreciated.

Young Faculty Awards

To attract top-notch young faculty to IIT Bombay and nurture their development in supporting IIT Bombay’s "Tryst with Excellence" and continued global technological leadership. Background IIT Bombay and all the IITs are facing a severe faculty shortage and some reports suggests that one-third of the teaching posts at the IITs and NITs are lying vacant. By 2014, IIT Bombay will reach its expected maximum capacity of 8000 students and by then it would have to ensure that there are enough faculty members to maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio. By helping IIT Bombay recruit faculty and by enhancing the quality of the incoming faculty, alumni can have a direct impact on the critical mission of faculty recruiment.
IIT Bombay is undergoing this rapid growth phase even as other institutions in India and abroad are planning to expand too. This creates significant challenges in attracting faculty to IIT Bombay. Given the current hiring spurt, the YFA program can have a substantial long-lasting impact on IIT Bombay and its faculty profile. YFA awards can ensure that IIT Bombay offers a competitive package to achieve better results in recruitment. The YFA program awards a grant Rs. 1 lakh per year for up to 3 years to recruited faculty members. Since the average salary of an assistant professor is currently around Rs. 2-3 lakhs, the planned disbursement of 1 lakh for the first three years is a significant incentive to the prospective faculty.

Click here to contribute toward YFA and support IIT Bombay's Tryst with Excellence. For any queries, please write to YFA is an alumni aided initiative whose implementation is carried out by IITB in close consultation with LAC (Legacy Advisory Committee) comprising of alumni drawn from academia and fund managers.

Chair Professorship

The Chair Professorship is a distinguished academic position of the Institute and is conceived as an academic honor to recognize outstanding Teaching/Research work and achievements of the permanent Faculty of the Institute. It can also be used to attract outstanding academicians to join the Institute as Visiting Faculty. Each Chair is supported by an endowment created from a donation to the Institute.

Establishment of new Chair Professorships is essential for IIT Bombay to attract and retain high quality research faculty, which are one of the key elements required to fulfill the goal of the Institute to be a leading International Research University. It is envisaged that Chairs will also lead to the establishment of new areas of specialization through the recruitment of accomplished researchers in specific fields of study. The endowment for a Chair is currently Rs. 90 lakh. Interest from the endowment will be used to meet expenses of the Chair, which include an honorarium of up to Rs 20,000 per month and contingency expenses. The salary of the Chair Professor and all other benefits (housing, medical etc.) will be from Institute funds. Donors will have the prerogative of naming the Chairs.

The broad area of specialization for instituting the Chair may also be specified by the donor.

List of Chair Professorships
G K Devrajulu Chair
S M Nilekani Chair
Major Bhagat Singh Rekhi Chair
J R Isaac Chair
Shailesh Mehta Chair
Vijay & Sita Vashee Chair
Madhuri Sinha Chair
Dhrumil Gandhi Chair
L & T Chair
Kamalnayan Bajaj Chair
Biswas-Palepu Chair
Rahul Bajaj Chair
Ramakrishna Bajaj Chair
Bajaj Group Chair
D L Shah Chair
Pramod Chaudhari Chair
Praj Industries Chair
1 st Batch (Class of 1962) P. K. Kelkar Chair
Class of 1985 Technology & Sustainable Development Chair
IVF (India Venture Fund) Chair
Forbes Marshall Chair

Student Scholarships

One way to nurture excellence amongst students is by awarding scholarships to deserving candidates. These may be named after the donor. Scholarships Endowments: Scholarship awards of Rs. 2000 per month can be set up with an endowment of Rs. 4.5 lakhs (US $ 10000). The endowment will be invested as a fixed deposit and the annual accrued interest will be utilized for awarding the scholarship. The Institute will be the sole authority to operate the funds. Specifically, the amount of scholarship will be reviewed by the Institute Scholarship Committee from time to time to determine the viability of the same given the prevailing economic conditions.

Impact of Student Scholarships:
Scholarships help to lessen the impact of rising tuition costs.
Scholarships help students have more time to focus on their studies.
Scholarships decrease the number and amount of loans students need to take to
Scholarships add to financial assistance provided by Government.
Scholarships can fill the gap.
Scholarships teach philanthropy.

Hostel Development

HATS is an important alumni-driven initiative that aims to channel the affinity and affection that many alumni have for their Hostels. HATS started with the Hostel 7 campaign "In Service of the Lady" in 2006, and continued with the Hostel 4 HATS campaign which launched with a bang in 2009. Under the leadership of an enthusiastic "core team", HATS will leverage the past successes to develop a campaign for all hostels. You can view the HATS presentation made on Alumni Day 29th Dec, 2010 by clicking here and HATS intro video by clicking here.

Recent developments in HATS include approval of make Hostel My Home, an Alumni driven competition which focuses majorly on cleanliness and maintenance of wings and hostel. The major aim of the competition is to make students realize that they should keep their surroundings clean and healthy as its a better way to live life. The competition also focuses on bringing out the current picture of the various authorities of the institute related to maintenance and cleanliness and aims to increase the efficiency to a very large amount.

Another development in HATS is approval for HATS boards in each hostel. These boards are installed in hostel lounges show casing the alumni activities/projects initiated under the umbrella of HATS for that hostel.

The project aims of HATS include- Forming a hostel HATS team of each hostel and nomination of HATS champs for each batches for every hostel.

Give One for IIT Bombay

A part of GO IITB - is a unique campaign that makes it possible for every alumnus/alumna to express his/her gratitude to IITB with planned, periodic contributions.

The insight behind this campaign is that a donation does not have to be “one time” or “a large sum” and an alumnus should not wait for years before giving back to IITB. The name Give One is to express the guideline that alumni should give at least 1% of their annual income towards supporting IIT Bombay’s never ending "Tryst with Excellence". Remember, this is just a guideline; no contribution is too small or too early. And it is entirely voluntary.To know more visit :

For further information please contact us at : Email : Phone : 91 - 22 - 2576 - 4889, 2576 – 7023 Address : Dean ACR, Main Building, First Floor IIT Bombay, Powai Mumbai - 400076, INDIA