Year Faculty Details
2016 Prof. K. P. Karunakaran Omni-directional Tungsten Inert Gas Cladding Inventors: K.P. Karunakaran, Sajan Kapil & Pravin Kulkarni Indian Patent No.: 201621014529. Cladding process is a common process used to deposit the material on a pre-built component. Also cladding is used in deposition based Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes such as Hybrid Layered Manufacturing (HLM). HLM process combines the better features of subtractive (CNC machining) and Additive Manufacturing techniques. In this process, first the near-net shape of the object is manufactured by layered deposition (Addition). The near-net shape is then finish machined using CNC machining (Subtraction). IIT Bombay uses pulsed synergic Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Cold Metal Transfer Metal Inert Gas (CMT-MIG) and Tungsten Inert (TIG) deposition unit for the deposition/cladding of metal layers. In Metal Inert Gas cladding, feed wire act as the electrode, hence for deposition there is a central feeding of the wire. In TIG,
2016 Prof. Milind V. Rane Pulsating Heat Pipe 10/06/2016
2016 Prof. Milind V. Rane Near Iso-Thermal Reciprocating Compressor
2012 Prof. B. Ravi V. Karade and B. Ravi, “An Unerring Alignment and Resection Guide Assembly,” 85/MUM/2012, 10 Jan 2012.
2010 Prof. B. Ravi R. Ghyar, M.G. Agarwal, B. Ravi, “Apparatus and Method for Orthopedic Surgery,” 2883/MUM/ 2010, 15 Oct 2010.