PhD Students

Testimonial: Anvesh Gaddam - Design and fabrication of patterned surfaces

I had done my masters from IITKGP, and after working in ISRO for 4 years, I pursued PhD in IITB. I got admission through IITB-Monash research academy and am currently working under Prof. Suhas Joshi. Prof. Joshi has been a very helpful guide. All the research facilities concerning my project is readily available with the funding facilitated by ISRO. According to me, PhD is working towards developing a product.

Testimonial: Rinku Mittal - Characterization and modeling of dynamic instability in ultra high speed micromilling of Titanium alloys

I completed my Dual degree from IIT Bombay itself in 2010. I worked in BHEL for the next 4 years, and then joined IITB in 2014 for PH.D. I was lucky to have Ramesh sir as my guide. His constant support and friendly behavior is really inspiring. My current research area is very interesting, machine dynamics being underlying basis. It has a lot of scope in future. We have already developed one machine and are improvising on it. Staying motivated and interested is essential while pursuing research. There are numerous facilities available. Of course, our schedule does gets hectic at times; there's no holiday for a scholar. I love to stay in my lab for the whole day. Although, whenever i feel tensed, which rarely happens, i take a break. Going out for a while, or simply hanging out with friends is quite refreshing. Sports is one excellent way to stay energized, and with proper time management, you can stay regular with the game of your choice.

Testimonial: Alwin Varghese - Tool failure studies in micro-milling complex slots

I completed my post-graduation from NIT Calicut. When I joined for, I didn’t have much idea about research. But once I got few publications during M.Tech, I became confident and decided to pursue PhD.
I chose IIT Bombay because of its vibrant campus. Professors in our department are really approachable and helpful. I am currently working under Prof. Suhas Joshi, who is among the best in the field of manufacturing. The working hours per day is not fixed. It varies depending on the work load. I personally prefer to do the experiments after working hours when the labs are free so that there won’t be any disturbance. Facilities are many, though at times we have to wait for few days before the services are delivered. I actively participate in sports like badminton, basketball & skating and this helps me to keep stress away from work. I believe research should be for the welfare of the society. If given a chance, i would like to continue in academia as a post doctoral fellow.