Project Funded Facilities


The lab started in an area of around 300 square feet in 2005. A considerable amount of equipment was bought for the laboratory from the funded research projects, as Principal or Co-investigator. From one BRNS and two DST projects, we have purchased a 12 node dual-processor dual-core and a 20 node dual-processor quad-core Linux Cluster. From projects funded by AOARD and BRFST, 4 dual-processor workstations have been purchased. Students of other faculty members of our research group can freely use these facilities. The numbers of students using the laboratory during any one year would number roughly around 8-10 PhD students, 4-8 Masters, and perhaps a dozen seasonal undergraduates (summer internees, research course students, etc).

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Mechanical Department Facilities

Central Facility

TGA-FTIR-MS Facility

The TGA-FTIR-MS facility is a hyphenated technique. A sample is subjected to a thermal profile in a Netzsch 209 F1 Libra Thermogravimety Analyzer (TGA). The evolved gases are simultaneously transported to a Netzsch AĆ«los mass spectrometer and a Bruker Vertex 80 FTIR spectrometer. This facility is mainly for the thermal decomposition studies of solid and liquid compounds.

Funded By: Central Facility

MicroSystemAnalyser MSA 500 (Polytech Gmbh)

This is a facility for in-plane and out-of-plane static and dynamic characterisation of MEMS devices.

Funded By: Central Facility

Institute Facilities