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Dr. B. Ravi

Mech. Engg. Dept.
I.I.T. Bombay

Tel: +91.22.2576.7510
Fax: +91.22.2572.6875
E-mail: b.ravi(at)

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Prof. B. Ravi's Lab

Our broad area of interest is computer-aided design, analysis and manufacture of metal castings and medical implants.

Casting Design and Simulation: This includes scientific methoding, process simulation and design for manufacturability. We focus on modeling, intelligent design, analysis and optimization of pattern, mould, cores, feeders and gating system.

Web-based Learning and Collaboration: This includes development of online learning content and cloud-based simulation labs, as well as web-based systems for collaboration between design and manufacturing engineers.

Orthopaedic Implants: This includes 3D anatomical reconstruction, custom & modular prosthesis development, pre-operative surgery planning and post-op evaluation.

Facilities of the lab include CAD workstations, haptic and medical modelling software, development tools, experimental castings, rapid prototyping system, universal testing machine, and technical literature and resources related to CAD/CAM, casting and implants.

Research and Development projects are carried out by Doctoral and Masters students, mainly supported by Government agencies. Manufacturing and CAD/CAM software companies often sponsor students to work on problems of mutual interest.

Industrial case studies are taken up for solving short-term problems of immediate interest to an organisation. These include casting quality and yield improvement, and part cost reduction.

Courses are offered in the areas of metal casting in Autumn semester, and collaborative engineering in Spring semester, mainly for Masters students. Short term continuing education programs for working professionals are also offered in the above subjects.

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